Burlesque Acts

*The White Queen


(music: The Birth and the Death of Day, Explosions in the Sky)

A story of grief, loss, and freedom in a beautiful atmospheric act with white LED props and a white costume.

* Love for a Hoop Tease:


(music: Lovefool, the Cardigans)

A cute and sexy strip tease in red and black with a twist, watch the clothes come off while the hoop keeps spinning!



* Jessica Rabbit, The Slinky Strip Tease

By Griffpics
By Griffpics

(music: Why don’t you do right/Catgroove, Parov Stellar)

What begins as a classic burlesque act turns to circus madness when hula hoops appear and the strip tease continues. The act end with an impressive “human slinky” when Shir Madness spins 30 hula hoops around her body.



*Cookie Monster

By Noleen Kavanagh

(music: Gimme More, Britney Spears)

This a comedy neo burlesque routine about body positivity. It involves a lot of cookies, love, and a milk pour.


* Girls

TW: this act deals with sexism, violence against women and sexual assault. It contains language that some people may find triggering.

Music: Chase Holfelder
Words borrowed with permission from Mindy Nettifee. Thank you to Mindy Netifee for letting me borrow her words.


*Classic Fan Dance

by Rick Taylor
by Rick Taylor

(music: Go Chango, Les Baxter)

A classic burlesque number of feather fan dancing, sexy shimmy and sultry bump n’ grind.



*The Firebird

By Roscosphotography
This fiery bird of paradise bumps and grinds and swishes her feathers while the clothes come off. This is a classic burlesque number, perfect for vintage events.



By ShutterPK

This is a sexy feather fan dance and strip tease, high heels and pearls in naughty places.

Bespoke Routines:

Shir Madness can create a bespoke routine to suit your event with different props, (hula hoops, LED hula hoops, fire) and costumes. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and she’ll come up with the perfect act to suit your event.