Walkabout entertainment for festivals!

Shir Madness will dazzle your attendees with her hula hooping skills while twirling through your festival. She has several costumes available to suit your event.

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Interactive Walkabout:

Reconnect with your childhood while Shir Madness gives you a quick hula hooping lesson. You know it’s easy. Remember how you could do it a few years ago?


LED Show:

Ideal for nightclubs, nighttime events, bars, etc… Come be mesmerised by the hypnotic powers of Shir’s LED hoops.

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Hire a mermaid! Shir Madness is a beautiful mermaid, with vibrant red hair and a shiny tail. She can sit on a rock (or a stage, chair, podium, or table) and greet your guests as they arrive to your event.

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